Extracurricular activities

We want to provide the widest possible range of experiences to help children find their strengths, develop confidence and learn key life skills, such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving. From music lessons to political campaigning, there is something for every child here at The Wroxham.


Music is a very important part of school life and children can have lessons in piano, woodwind, brass and strings. Lessons take place during the school day and are provided by Hertfordshire Music Service. Guitar lessons are also available through a music teacher who visits the school every week. Our school choir and orchestra rehearse regularly and have performed at a number of concerts and events.

Boy with music teacher having guitar lessons


We have a strong track record in sporting success and teams from The Wroxham regularly take part in tournaments, including football, lacrosse, hockey, rugby, tennis, netball and athletics. Many of our children also play in local leagues.

Our PE coaches run sports clubs at lunch and after school. They also take teams to local fixtures. Sports clubs include football, netball and multisports sessions. These clubs are open to all children at The Wroxham.

From Year 2 upwards, children learn to swim at the Furzefield Centre.

Circle Groups

Our Circle Groups are an opportunity for children to share in decision-making at The Wroxham and have their voices heard. Pupil representatives from Years 1 to 6 meet regularly to discuss ideas and projects for the school.

British Sign Language

Children at The Wroxham have the opportunity to learn British Sign Language (BSL). Not only does this help to make the school more inclusive and teach children about deaf awareness, research has shown that it has academic benefits too, by improving vocabulary, fine motor skills, memory retention and self-esteem. Lessons are taught by specialist BSL instructors.

Ivy Parliament

Our children are proud to represent the school in the Ivy Parliament, a thriving and influential body within Ivy Learning Trust. Every year, three new representatives from each Ivy school are elected to join the Parliament, which gives children a voice in educational and social issues.

Pupils meet regularly to discuss current themes and decide on an action plan for the year. In the past they have written to MPs, visited the Houses of Parliament, appeared in the local press and successfully lobbied to ban single-use plastic bottles from all Ivy schools. The Ivy Parliament is currently campaigning to make free fruit and vegetables available to all pupils.

Other Activities

We also offer opportunities for children to learn French, practise yoga, create art masterpieces and to perform in drama workshops. All of these clubs are offered by external providers and are run onsite after school. Please contact our office for more information.