We open the school gates at 8.30am and children go into class at 8.45am. School finishes for most pupils at 3.15pm. Children in our nursery have different pick up times, which you can read more about on our nursery page.



Breakfast Club


Registration and lessons commence


End of the school day


Kids’ Club ends

Parents dropping off children in school playground

Dropping off and picking up

Children must be supervised by their parents / carers until the whistle goes at 8.45am. Any pupils who arrive unaccompanied by an adult before 8.35am will be placed in our breakfast club, for which there will be a charge.

We ask parents not to bring any dogs into the playground or to allow children to play with scooters, skates or skateboards. To keep everyone safe, football and other games aren’t allowed in the grounds before school.

The school gates are locked at 8.50am and reopened at 3.10pm.