This policy (click link below to view) will be reviewed in full by the Governing Body on an annual basis. This policy was reviewed and updated in July 2023.

Next review date: July 2024

Sports and PE are an essential part of life at The Wroxham Primary School. We employ a PE coach that works with children and staff from Foundation Stage to Year 6. He often leads PE lessons, alongside the class teacher, which encourages children to take an active role in keeping fit and healthy. During lessons, they also teach children specialist skills to improve their physical strength and ability. All children at Wroxham are included in PE lessons.

Our PE coaches run sports clubs at lunch and after school. They also take teams to local fixtures. Sports clubs include football, netball and multisports sessions. These clubs are open to all children at The Wroxham.

We encourage all children to have an active lifestyle and take part in school competitions and events. Many of our children play in local leagues and attend our sports clubs after school.

  • Pupil voice is essential in developing our sports provision – including match reports
  • We have an annual sports day for Early Years, KS1 and KS2.
  • All our children from Y2 – Y6 swim, for one term each year to ensure that they all have access to swimming lessons until they are 11 years old.
  • Teachers still teach one PE lesson a week to ensure sustainability – support provided by PE coach.

We also use our funding to train our coach and teaching staff to a high standard.

How are we spending the Sports Premium grant?

By having a specialist sports coach in school that works alongside class teachers we ensure that all children receive high quality first teaching for PE. We intend that the employment of a specialist member of staff will enhance our existing provision and have a long lasting impact on the health of the children at the school. This includes children with physical disabilities and additional needs.

The coach also encourages children to take part in extracurricular sports activities both after school and on weekends.

The Sports Coach at Wroxham School runs the local Potters Bar Cricket Festival. A number of local schools take part in the competition; including our own Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

We also run the local Girl’s football league, football tournament and football cup. Our Coach also runs the leagues for our boy’s team.

Who monitors how the grant is spent?

The outcomes of sport take up are monitored by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), specialist sports coach and Governors. A summary of our spending is detailed below:

PE and Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator School focus Planned impact on pupils Proposed budget
The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles One PE lesson, per week, from Reception to Year 6 taught with qualified sports coach in attendance in conjunction with teaching teams High quality teaching for all children. £7500.00
Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport Teachers supported in PE planning by qualified sport coach. High quality teaching for all children at Wroxham and across the alliance. £2000.00
CPD for sports coach and teaching staff from Wroxham.
Resourcing CPD for teachers from across the alliance.
Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils External coaching of girls’ football. High quality specialist teaching. £5000.00
Resources to support football competitions hosted at Wroxham.

Access to a wider community of sports events.

Subsidising transport costs to sports events in the local community – minibus.
Subsidising funding of one member of staff to attend PGL to enable all chn to access activities. Enabling all children to have full access to all activities on this residential trip.
Subsidising of costs to enable community sports events to happen in school building and grounds Enabling children and their families to easily access sports activities provided by the community.
Increased participation in competitive sport Lunchtime sport clubs for KS2 led by Sports Coach Developing specific skills that support in lessons and in competitions. £3300.00
Subsidising After school sports clubs for chn in KS2 Encouraging and developing an interest in sports outside of the curriculum.
Total £17800.00